Born in the mountains region of southern Poland.
I am a creative and innovative photographer whose
concentration focuses on documenting humanitarian efforts,
portray people and culture.
With every assignment, I coherently arrange my photographs and create layout designs
for humanitarian agencies, magazines and newspapers.

For the past few years I have lived and worked abroad with frequent traveling.
Through it I have learned to see life from different perspectives.
Every moment holds its valued beauty and in that moment
I have learned to be present to my surroundings including the people.

I heartily believe in photography to have the capacity to create a positive change in people’s lives.
I see photography as an advocacy and service to inform and to raise awareness of
important social issues around us and then being
able to transform it for the greater good.
Photography has the ability to create true human connection, between
the subject and photographer and between the viewer and the subject.
This can be employed as a positive agent for understanding and communicating
the challenges and opportunities facing our world today as well as
promoting a better understanding of and embracing our cultural
differences and the situations where the subject matter need to be restored.

I am photographer who constantly searching, discovering, learning, exploring and is
driven by sense of wonder on this journey of making / creating images of people, places,
stories / situations that can help build more sustainable future.

I am very passionate about what I do.
I am very grateful for the gift which God has given me; for
the opportunity and for being able to grow and learn more about life through the images I shoot.


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