I am a creative photographer and visual storyteller, dedicated to documenting humanitarian efforts, portraying people, cultures and committed to bring attention to social justice issues.

I was born in the mountainous region of southern Poland. For the past decade I have lived and worked abroad with frequent traveling. Through it I have learned to see life from different perspectives. Every moment holds its valued beauty and in that moment I have learned to be present to my surroundings including the people.

I heartily believe that through photography one has the capacity to bring relief and emotional healing and to create a positive change in people’s lives. I see photography as a tool to inform and to raise awareness of important issues and then have the ability to transform it for good will. Photography inspires and motivates others to be transformed and promotes a deeper appreciation and acceptance of our cultural differences, activates positive social change, enhances education, and produces emotional healing and learning.

I also see photography as an art as well as an emotional communication tool. It’s more than capturing just surface appearances. Photographs need to be carefully composed, lit and produced as well as inspire audiences. They also must find meaning and develop their own point of view while asking questions, exploring their beauty and carrying a wealth of emotional depth.

I am very passionate about what I do. I am very grateful for the gift which God has given me; for the opportunity and for being able to grow, heal and learn more about life through the images I shoot.

For collaborations & photography assignments please get in touch at

WhatsApp: + 48 733 88 66 95 or send a message.